Restoration Plans for Bohol’s Heritage Sites Open Partnership Talks with Washington, DC-based Bohol Restoration Group (BRG)

April 6, 2014


Contact: (Washington, DC) Patrick Realiza, Communications Chair
(Manila) Margaret Lacson-Ecarma, Executive Director

Restoration Plans for Bohol’s Heritage Sites Open Partnership Talks with

Washington, DC-based Bohol Restoration Group (BRG)

MANILA – Bohol Restoration Group (BRG) will be engaging in a series of meetings and on-site visits to Bohol’s quake and Haiyan flood-damaged heritage sites with government-appointed agencies, non-government groups and representatives of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – International Council on Monuments and Sites (UNESCO’s ICOMOS), April 9-12 hosted by the Diocese of Tagbilaran.

“BRG’s mission is to promote Bohol’s educational and cultural integrity with established relationships committed to restoring Bohol’s heritage sites.” BRG executive director Margaret Lacson-Ecarma, said. “We are developing long-term partnerships to support the restoration efforts of heritage landmarks and the communities that have peacefully co-existed with them for hundreds of years.”

The meetings are expected to include: Tagbilaran Diocese Bishop Leonardo Medroso and his team; representatives of Bohol government; the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP); the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA); National Museum; potential Philippine-based non-government organization (NGO) funders; philanthropists Corito Bautista, Mila Araneta, Escuela Talyer and UNESCO’s ICOMOS Philippines.

Traveling with Lacson-Ecarma, will be Andrew Potts, BRG board member and heritage trust lawyer of Nixon Peabody, LLP (NP); Hedy Thomas, principal of Leuterio Thomas Architects & Engineers; Nestor Arabejo, principal of Ecotektonika Architects. In addition, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. and Mrs. Vicky Cuisia will be in attendance for a portion of the meeting on April 12.

The purpose of the conference is to help BRG, and its potential partners, begin its grant-making structure by defining roles, mapping working relationships, identifying resources and prioritizing activities for immediate pre-restoration results.



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