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Welcome to the Bohol Restoration Group

The Bohol Restoration Group (BRG) was formed from the Philippine Embassy’s call to the local Washington, DC community after the Bohol province in the Philippines was badly hit on October 15, 2013 by a 7.2 earthquake, and three weeks later, with the landfall of super typhoon Haiyan. As a result, centuries-old cultural heritage properties were severely damaged and distressed their surrounding communities.

A group of Filipinos and Americans immediately came together in an all-volunteer effort to create working committees based on professional expertise involving restoration, architecture, community advocacy, and fundraising.


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BRG’s MISSION: Strengthening the People’s Heritage and Community Life

Our mission is to coordinate a nationwide and international effort in providing technical and financial assistance to restore and preserve declared heritage sites and their respective communities in Bohol, where centuries-old community structures were massively destroyed by a strong earthquake and followed by the devastating typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

BRG has chosen to further its mission through two distinct programs:

(a) Historic Building Restoration: To provide financial and technical support for the restoration/reconstruction, consistent with internationally-recognized historic preservation guidelines, of churches (and other historic buildings in building assemblages that include such churches) that are designated or eligible to be designated by appropriate governmental authorities as historic landmarks (or analogous heritage designations) damaged by the Bohol earthquake and typhoon Haiyan. This also covers the salvage, recovery, and protection of cultural artifacts, documents, and other materials deemed integral to the preservation of these heritage sites.

(b) Community Parish Life and Health: To support the life and health of the historic parish communities in the Diocese of Tagbilaran, including funding the new construction of buildings to support temporary parish operations while the churches are being restored, and also for more permanent uses. Any permanent construction shall be compatible and complementary to any historic buildings consistent with internationally-recognized historic preservation guidelines.

Community First

Our volunteer team of restoration experts keep the community’s safety and both immediate and long-term restoration priorities at heart.

With the restoration initiative supported by the Ambassador of the Philippines to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. and his wife, Victoria, BRG continues to work closely on the ground with respective stakeholders from the affected community parishes, the local government agencies, and the Governor’s office along with other non-government organizations involved in the overall restoration plans for these historic structures.

The Bohol Restoration Group, Inc. is incorporated in Washington DC and has IRS 501(c)(3) exempt status. Donations to BRG are generally tax-deductible; please consult your tax advisor for details.